AlphaGoHow Go Grandmaster Ke Jie lost to AlphaGo05-22-2018 09:46 BJT20-year-old Chinese GO Grandmaster Ke jie shared with Xinhua

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at Youth Talks the story behind his loss to Google's AlphaGo on May 27, 2017."Having lost the first two games to AlphaGo, I could ▓not

sleep all night. I have been racking my brain to find a way to beat it, at least to wi▓n one round. Does it have any flaw?" said Ke."I exerted mys▓elf to the most in the third round for a win. I remember that I

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used to be leading at fuseki in the second round, which gave me vague hope o▓f victory. I bet everything in that round. However, I made a deadly mistake at fuseki.""After the fuseki, I tried to find an oppo

rtunity to reverse t▓he tide but AlphaGo was too perfect to let me. I felt desperate when it made a key move, a move a▓fter which I know there's no way for me to win.""At that moment, I could feel myself tremb?/p>

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ofessional Go playe▓r. She gave me a tissue and tried to comfort me by asking 'Ke, what happened?'""I was too sad to even make a complete sentence but murmured while trembling: 'I can't o i▓t. I can't do it.

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I can't win. I really can't.'""Then Fan Hui from AlphaGo's team came to me. He saw me sobbing and patted me on my shoulder: 'It's OK, Ke. You are doing well enough. We are all professional Go players and we u

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nderstand how it feels to lose to AI. It's really OK.'""I was deeply touched by them who left their position to comfort me. That moment impressed me the most.""I co▓uld not stand it anymore. I hugged them an

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d began to cry, in a loud way: 'I can't win! I can't do it!'""I couldn't remember how long I have cried. But I know I need to finish the game no matter how desperate it is because that is one of the fundame

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ntal qualities of a Go player. That's why I returned with tears in my eyes and finished the game.""Does it s▓ound absurd? But I have really tried to do my best."Please▓ scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatChinese AI Go program wins faceoff with top play▓er Ke JieChinese AI Go program wins faceoff with top▓ player Ke JieChinese AI Go program wins faceoff with

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2018 09:37 BJTC▓hinese-developed artificial intelligence (AI) program won t

he game with Ke Jie, the world’s t▓op Go player, on Friday in Fuzhou, capital of east China’s Fujian Province.The AI program, dubbed “Golaxy”, has “learnt from Alp▓haGo thesis, but made breakthroughs in the feature system, mod▓el structure and algorithm structure that exceed AlphaGo,” said Jin Xing, chairman of Golax▓y, adding that it showcases Chinese AI companies’ spi

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ion and capability of innovation.It has won 28 out of 30 games against the world’s top Go players after launching on April 12.Golaxy won’t ▓be a simple repetition of AlphaGo thesis, stressed Jin. The team is now “exploring new me▓thods to consume fewer computing resources and training samples.”“▓There is always a sense of incapability when I play Go with AI, as its algorithm and o

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▓ys to save the company. Related stories:How Go Grandmaster Ke Jie lost to AlphaGo▓How Go Grandmaster Ke Jie lost to